An Eve-Online PvP Corporation

Real Life comes first!

As a Corporation and Alliance we realise that real life does come first. Come fly with a relaxed group of mature players who have lives outside Eve Online and any other gaming activity. While we do commit to PvPing whenever we can, we do know that sometimes you cannot be on 24/7. 

Experienced Leadership

Together we have many years experience playing Eve Online, and many years experience of destroying and losing ships. We have lots to teach new and old players alike and we welcome those who have a thirst to learn, and even those who have some knowledge to teach! 

Small and Large scale PvP

Living in The Great Wildlands (NPC null space) brings with it some excellent content. This includes sub capital fleet flghts, occasional structure bashing and even epic Capital battles. This all happens on our own doorstep so we never have very far to go to find a fight!

Secure space for ratting and mining to make ISK

PvP Fleets - Large and Small

Cap Warfare and BLOPS

Chilled out atmosphere

X-Prot are Recruiting!

X-Prot are looking for PvP and PvE pilots to swell our ranks. We live within the Great Wildlands area and can promise some engaging content as well as some chilled out days!

Join our recruitment channel “x-prot” in Eve or join our discord by clicking the Recruit me link!